The Sinful of the Ummah


Samurah Bin Jundub radi’allahu anhu reported that one day, after the Fajr prayer, the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his companions:

Last night i saw (in a dream) two men come to me, hold me by both my hands, and say “Come with us”. I went with them, and they took me to a sacred land.  We came upon a man lying flat on his back (on the ground).  Another man, standing over him with a boulder in his hand would hurl the boulder upon his head, causing his head to split open.  The boulder would then roll away and the standing man would go and retrieve it.  By the time he returned with it to him, his head would be restored as it was before, and he would hurl the boulder again at him.  I said to my two companions, “May Allah be exalted! Who are these two?”  They said, “Come, come!”

We proceeded until we came upon a man lying on his back.  Another man, standing over him with an iron hook, he would approach him from one side and rip open his face from the corner of the mouth to the back of the head, from the nose to the back of the head and from the eye to the back of the head.  He would then move to the other side and do what he did on the first side (of the face).   As soon as he finished with that side, the first side would be restored as it was before, and he would move to it and do as he did the first time.  I said, “May Allah be exalted! Who are these two?”  They said, “Come, come!”

We proceeded until we came upon a hole that resembled a baking pot, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.  Babbling and voices were coming from it, We looked in and saw naked men and women.  In the pit’s bottom was a raging fire; whenever it flared up, they screamed and rose with it until they almost overflowed from the pit.  As it subsided, they returned (to the bottom).  I said “Who are these?”  They said “Come, come”

We proceeded until we reached a river of blood, with a man swimming in its centre.  On the bank of the river there was a man who had piled around him many stones.  The man in the river would swim for a while, and then approach the man at the shore, trying to exit from the river.  He would open his mouth, and the man at the shore would throw a stone into it, causing him to return (to the centre of the river).  Every time he came back, trying swim out, the man at the shore would throw a rock into his mouth, forcing him to fall back.  I said, “Who are these two?”  They said, “Come, come!”

We proceeded until we came upon a garden dense with plantation, abundant with all sorts of spring flowers.  Within it, we reached a great tree, and i never saw a tree larger or more beautiful.  Near its base stood a man so tall that i could hardly see his head up in the sky.  Around him was the greatest number of children i ever saw.  I said “Who is this? And who are these?”  They said “Come, come!”

We proceeded until, near the tree, we came upon a man with the most hateful appearance in any man.  Before him was a fire, which he was kindling and trotting around. I said to them “Who is this?”  They said, “Come, come”

They instructed me, “Climb the tree,” and we ascended, until we came upon a town that was built upon gold and silver bricks.  I never saw a town more beautiful; and inside it were old, young, men, women and children.  We requested admission at the towns’ gate, and were admitted.  When we entered, we were met by men with one half of their faces wonderful to behold, and the other half horrible to behold.  My two companions said to them, “Go and plunge into that river.” A river was flowing across; whose water was milk-white in colour.  They plunged into it, and then returned to us with their ugliness completely gone, and they became the most handsome.

My companions then took me out of that town, and further up the tree, until we entered another town that was finer and better than the first one.  In this town were old and young men.

I said to my companions, “This night, you took me to different places, and i saw many wonders.  What is all this that i saw?”  They said, “We will now tell you…

As for the first man whom you saw his head being smashed with a boulder; he is a man who Allah teaches the (knowledge of) Quran, but he rejects it, abandoning it by night and not implementing it by day.  He (also) sleeps through the times of the prescribed prayers.  He will continue to be tortured in this way until resurrection day.

As for the man whom you saw with his mouth, nose, and eye being ripped open to the back of his head, he is a liar who leaves his house in the morning to spread lies which are carried from him in all directions.  He will continue to be tortured in this way until the day of resurrection.

As for the naked men and women who were in the pit (of fire); they are male and female fornicators.

As for the men whom you saw swimming in the (blood) river and being fed stones, he is a person who eats riba (usury).

As for the tall man that you saw in the garden, he is Ibraheem (alayhis salaam), and the children around him are the children who die (before puberty) upon fitrah. (Here, some the companions interejected, “O Messenger of Allah, does this include the children of pagans?” He (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) replied, (yes) the children of the pagans as well.

As for the man with an extremely ugly appearance who was by the fire, kindling it and running around it; he is a Malik, the guardian of Jahannam (hell).

As for the first town, it is the residence of the common believers.  And the people who were half beautiful and half ugly are the people who mix good deeds with evil deeds and Allah forgives them.

And as for this town, it is the garden of ‘Adn (Eden) – residence of the Shuhadaa (martyrs).  And I am Jibril, and this is Mikail.”

Then they told me, “Look above you.”  I rasied my eyes and saw, far above me, a palace that resembled a white cloud.  They said, “that is your residence.” I said to them, “May Allah bless you; allow me to enter my residence.”  They said, “Not yet!  There is a portion of your life which you have not yet completed; when you complete it, you will surely enter your residence.”  [This hadith is from combined reports by al-Bukhari(1386&7047)]

Taken from Muhammad Al-Jibaly’s book – Life in al-Barzakh

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