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One Of The Poisons Of The Heart

Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah (d.751H) said: Unnecessary companionship is a chronic disease that causes much harm. How often have the wrong kind of companionship and intermixing deprived people of Allah’s generosity, planting discord in their hearts which even the passage … Continue reading

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Four Principles for a Noble Character

It is not imagined that one can have noble character except if it is founded upon four pillars: The First: Sabr (Patience) The Second: ‘Iffah (Chastity) The Third: Shujaa’ah (Courage) The Fourth: ‘Adl (Justice) Patience inspires him to be tolerant, … Continue reading

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Ibn Al-Qayyims Advice Regarding Rulers

“And reflect in His, the Most High’s wisdom in making the kings of the servants, their leaders and their rulers to be of the same type as their actions (i.e. those of the servant’s). Rather, it is as if their … Continue reading

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