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Islamic Awakening

  Sheikh Albani was asked the following question; What are the foundations that will enable the Islaamic world to arise again anew? And he answered; That which I believe, is what has been reported in the authentic hadeeth – which … Continue reading

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There are Four Types of Women

  Ibn Hibban narrated in his work Nazahti Al-Fadlaa the advice of Al-Khattaab bin Mu’laa Al-Makhzoomee to his son. At the end of his words he mentioned the following: “Know that women vary more than the fingers of your hand. … Continue reading

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Articulating the intention verbally

 According to the scholars, verbally articulating the intention for prayer is neither required nor recommended; on the contrary, it is considered to be an innovation that violates Islamic law.  Many scholars, at different times and in different countries, have verified … Continue reading

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