Kushu in Salaah



Attaining Khushū’ in Salāh

3 Points to always bear in mind:

 – Change your view of Salāh: Not to only fulfil an obligation but to also attain well-being and spirituality (body and soul)

– Utter every word in Salāh as if you are conversing with Allah directly

– Attempt to engage your heart into whatever you are saying: Love, Fear, Hope, Submission, etc.

 In Wudhū’:

 – Engage your heart in intending purification from 3 things: (1) Shirk (2) Sins (3) Dirt

 Walking to the Mosque:

 – Intend to walk to the mosque as if you are returning to Allah to reconcile with Him in His House

– Try to arrive early in order to be tranquil rather than rush for that Rak’ah!


 – Clear your heart from everything except Allah

– Rid your heart from any inkling of pride

– Intend to exalt Allah with your heart and tongue

 Dua al-Istiftāh:

 – Fill your heart will full exaltation of your Lord (one Du’ā)

– Intend to renew your repentance and be truthful to act on it after finishing the Salāh (another Du’ā)


 – Seek assistance by taking refuge with Allah from your most deadliest enemy


 – Stop at every verse and contemplate on Allah’s response to you

– Actualise the ‘All Perfect Praises’ with your tongue and limbs

– Ponder over the apparent Mercy of Allah to attain His Love

– Visualise your condition on the Day of Judgement

– Recognise your need to worship Him – the purpose of creation itself

– Bring to mind the importance of Hidāyah

– Know that ‘an’amtha’ is from ‘ni’mah ’- the 4 categories of Believers: ‘the Prophets, the steadfast affirmers of truth, the martyrs and the rigthteous’ in lieu of ‘ni’mah’ to mean ‘wealth, children and all other worldly gains’

– Examine yourself: make sure to follow the truth when you know it to avoid being angry with (like the Jews) or to go astray without knowledge and be lost (like the Christians)


 – Be positive in its response and have certainty in it

– Intend for it to concord with the Angels’ Ta’mīn to procure forgiveness

– Raise your voice for it is a symbol of Islam and despised by the Jews


 – Intend to exalt Allah Alone

– Extract from your heart any exaltation for anyone else besides Allah

– Remind yourself of how this position is a great sign of submission (was too much for the arrogant polytheists to perform)

 Standing from Rukū’:

 – Renew your thoughts/feelings of ‘Praise’ and intend for it to also concord with the Angels’ to procure forgiveness


 – Actualise this position with complete neediness and submission

– Taste the delight of being close to Allah

– Take advantage to make plentiful Du’ās

 Sitting in between the two Prostrations:

 – Imagine a boulder over your head about to drop unless you win Allah’s forgiveness (must plead earnestly like as if you are in a court case)


 – Bring to mind that this is the farewell to your potential last Salāh on earth

– Imagine the Prophet in front of you while sending Salām upon him with his return

– Recognise the importance of the communal Believers: dead and alive

– Renew your conviction of Tawhīd with the Shahādatayn


 – Feel the pain in returning to the anxieties and hardships of the Dunyā

– Be cognizant of sending Salām upon the Angels on your sides

 After Taslīm:

 – Stay seated in your place and stay focused on your Adhkār – rather than observing on what’s happening around you

– Give yourself a score out of 10 for the Khushū that was present in that Salāh: try to always improve on that until you can regularly score 10 by Allah’s Permission

– Be sure to feel happy that Allah gave you Tawfīq to complete the Salāh and hope that He does so again for your next Salāh

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